“Successful people begin where failures leave off. Never settle for ‘just getting the job done.’ Excel!”

—Tom Hopkins


- Position yourself to be valued

- Internally transform for your external success


- Clarify your career intentions

- Create a clear vision for your goals


- Uncover your hidden talents

- Courageously be your authentic self

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Hi, I'm Hazel Gaines

I help women breakthrough their limiting beliefs and elevate their mindset, resilience and momentum to live fulfilled and impactful lives. With a passion for transforming lives and witnessing their greater success, I desire to share with others and be influential in guiding them to their greater purpose and fulfillment. I'm a wife and mom and I'm very dedicated to my family and my faith.

Coaching Packages


Fast Track Coaching

Coaching for one month to guide you to desired success.


Jumpstart Coaching

Three months of coaching to help you with vision clarity and success strategy


Discover & Desire Blueprints

Assessment and discovery of skills, talents and desires to guide your vision and success

Our Goal

Our goal is to help you uncover your true talents and career intentions so you are allowed to be fulfilled and free.

Our Mission

Provide coaching and related services to help women live freely and authentically in who they were created to be.


Our clients are treated with honesty and fairness. Clients receive the highest level of customer service that ensures that their needs are met with excellence. We will provide appropriate resources that will assist our clients on their journey to success. We strive to be transparent and operate in an authentic manner. The client’s well-being is our highest priority, ensuring people over money.

"Hazel helped me stay focused and in action which helped me meet my goals sooner than I ever have."

"I would recommend Hazel in a heartbeat. She empowers people by helping them find direction without choosing it for them. She knows how to draw a person out and make them feel empowered."

"Hazel has a passion for helping people find their way in an often confusing world! She is professional while also caring towards individuals in both a personal and professional manner."

"I applied for some Administrative Assistant jobs. I haven’t gotten one yet but meeting with you gave me the courage to actively look and even feel confident in an interview, thank you!”